Fear & Respect Roleplay
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Released: 2004 (v1.0 US)

Fear & Respect is the first and only San Andreas Multiplayer roleplay server based on the storyline and concept of the original game. Delivering fun, doubtlessly. With a lively community, 10 years of success and gangster roleplay that you've seen nowhere else, you would surely be amazed and love having that 90s feel, hit the streets!

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San Andreas: Mutliplayer Released: 2006 (0.3.DL)

SA-MP is a free multiplayer game modification for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mod allows a server to host up to 1000 players and modify different aspects of the original game, therefore making it highly enjoyable. Team up with friends or take on a journey alone, it's up to you. Get it now by clicking the image on the left.

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